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AyadiPro's Paid Search Management Service:

Are you looking for more ways to generate business for your company? Are you already using a paid search company but are finding its not producing the results you need, or worse, that there's NO REPORTING, OR NO TRANSPARENCY WITH REPORTING?

"AyadiPro provides detailed reporting including full transparency in reporting … see which keywords are driving value, and what we actually pay for a click on your behalf"

AyadiPro can help! We've worked with many companies of all sizes (from one person shops to fortune 100) to make their paid search programs produce ROI for them.

Why Paid Search Marketing (PPC)?

Drive qualified prospects to your website to increase your sales. Paid Search Marketing allows you to choose keywords you would like your site to appear for when a search is performed. Your message is typically shown at the top or to the right of the natural search results on the first page. You pay a small amount if a qualified prospect clicks on your listing and connects to your site. Your message is displayed free, you only pay for clicks or site visitors.

Paid Search Marketing otherwise known as pay-per-click (PPC) is now the most dominant form of online advertising. There has never been a better way to get your message out to people searching for your product or service! Studies show that marketers are shifting advertising spending at an increasing rate to pay-per-click budgets.

AyadiPro's Paid Search Management Services Include:

Keyword Research and Campaign Set-up

Creating a successful Pay-Per-Click campaign is a time consuming intricate process involving:

  • Planning which keywords and phrases to target. SEM campaigns may involve hundreds or even thousands of keywords.
  • Selecting which PPC search engines will best meet your objectives? What are the differences between them?
  • Determining opening bids for each keyword?
  • Creating high converting ad copy to use for each listing that results in a high rate of conversion.
  • Creation of Landing Pages to help measure results and increase ROI

Hands on bid management

Pay-Per-Click auction listings are a volatile environment. Ongoing monitoring and adjusting is necessary to ensure your bids achieve efficient and cost effective levels. AyadiPro's Pay-Per-Click professionals can:

  • Increase click through rate through increased relevance.
  • Target Ads to correct geographic locations.
  • Adjust campaign to maximize ROI
  • Write new ad copy to improve conversions
  • Decrease costs by eliminating non-converting clicks

Measuring Success through Tracking and Reporting

Measurement and analysis is critical to the success of your Guaranteed Placement campaign. These campaigns become more successful over time by applying the lessons learned. Careful analysis is done on a regular basis to determine:

  • What percent of your clicks are actually converting?
  • Which clicks are making you money and which are costing you money?
  • How important are impressions to your marketing objectives?

Of course reporting is EXTREMELY important too. You need to know that your paid search management company is doing what they say they will, and in fact, is generating leads and ROI for you. AyadiPro provides:

  • Detailed reports monthly, or even more frequently if requested
  • Full transparency about specifically which keywords are working, and which are not
  • Full transparency about click costs

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Google Adwords PPC

You’re looking for new customers.
Odds are they’re looking for you, too.

With a Google ad, you can be found by people who are searching for exactly what you have to offer.
It’s how you can reach the right customers at the right moment—and we’ll create the ads, then optimize it for you to maximize ROI and Click through Rate and minimize cost and clicks fraud  .

Don’t I already show up on Google?

Your current customers probably search for your business by name, which makes you easy to find in search results.
Prospective customers however, tend to search by topic and location, so you’re less likely to show up.

So how does a Google ad work?

Simply we will write your ads, choose some search terms that describe your products or services, then set a budget. When prospective customers search for what you offer, we will optimize your ads, then your ads is much more likely to be seen by them.

Sounds great, but how much?

It’s up to you. You only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad to get more information. Just set a budget you’re comfortable with, and adjust it as you see results.



Microsoft Advertising

At Microsoft Advertising, we don’t just understand the existing digital landscape. As one of the world’s leading technology companies, we constantly innovate to simplify the business of digital advertising, so that customers can amplify their brand stories across audiences, channels and screens in the most creative, engaging and efficient ways possible.

The Microsoft Advertising video above highlights some of the newest, most effective and most creative ways we can help you amplify your brand stories.  It’s all about reaching consumers creatively so that they are actively engaged in the story you want to tell.

Through innovation and creativity, we have contributed to the success of many business partners. And we prove it by analyzing, strategizing and optimizing data in real time to deliver the maximum impact for your customers and on your investment. Explore this site to see how through creativity, relevance and connectivity, we can create a success story for your brand.